16. November 2014

Watched - Frozen

I watched "Frozen" some month ago in the middle of this years summer which of course fits this movie brilliantly. ;-) At first, when the movie came out, I was not eager to watch it because I am not a huge fan of the last Disney movies (I disliked "Tangled" the first time I watched it but liked it more the second time. But I still think that "The Princess and the Frog" is one of the worst Disney movies). I think the last really good movie was "Ratatouille" for me. (Well, I just remembered "Brave" which is a brilliant, funny and entertaining movie!) But around the time of this years Academy Awards I heart "Let It Go" for the first time and loved it from the beginning. I listened to this song SO much, not only in English (but in German, French, Japanese,...), it helped me learn, when I needed motivation and I still love hearing it, even after listening to it probably a thousand times or days straight. The other popular songs where good too. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" is so sweet, "For The First Time In Forever" is so catchy and "Love Is An Open Door" funny and happy. The other songs are only okay. So I listened to those songs for months and then finally watched the movie, in the summer, but I watched it nevertheless.

"Frozen" is good, but not awesome! The movie was better than I expected last year when it was new in the cinemas, but not nearly as good as it could be. The animation is great, most of the songs are fantastic and I love, love this setting. "Snow Queen" movies and books are one of my favourites. But beside all those good aspects the movie was lacking when it comes to character and story depth. The beginning was great, angsty, dramatic, funny and sweet, but then the story falls flat. I had the same feeling when it comes to "Up", the beginning of that movie was amazing, too, but the end was shitty (I hated those dogs). The end of "Frozen" was not as bad, but it could have been much better. I do not know why but I got the feeling that nothing happens after the storm is let loose and the villain is a really strange one, because he has no background and is not really that evil. He is rather unimportant. Elsa would have been the better villain, which was planned in the beginning before they changed the plot.The two main characters were in the focus of the story but not that developed either. Elsa had a background story but I had not enough time to develop a connection to her. Her story was only told but not shown. Anna was a sweet girl but without depth. She was just a nice teenage girl in search of true love and with a strong will. I really liked Elsa and Anna but I wished the story would have been more focused on the relationship than on the journey of Anna. Kristoff was irrelevant for me, of course he was important because of his history and for Anna, but he was not relevant for the story. Olaf and the elk were funny together, the typical side kicks, but I would not have missed them. They made the story funnier, but I felt like the sacrificed a good story for a funny, light and kind of petty "Snow Queen" remake. Do not get me wrong the movie is not that bad, but still not good enough to be amazing.


"Frozen" is an entertaining movie with great animations and songs, but with a lacking story. I get why everyone speaks about this movie, the songs are amazing, but for me it is not one of the best Disney movies, just an okay one.

4 of 5 Stars

P.S. I wrote the biggest part of this review while I was at the institute, where I should work on my master thesis. I clearly have too much free time or not enough motivation. XD

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